Entablature machining


After years of research and testing, we have developed the fastest and most precise equipment available on the market.

Designed and assembled in-house, our equipment has evolved year after year to become the most advanced engine entablature lathe available. Alignment, which is performed by two lasers boasting micron resolution, is only executed once per cylinder, no matter how many cylinder liner landings are to be machined. This insures perfect concentricity.


Digital cutter guidance, for the best results time after time.

Each cutter head is completely operated via a digital interface, with the help of accurate stepper motors. This, with our laser measurement system, enables us to machine every landing to the same diameter, which in turn allows us to use pre-machined, “one size fits all” cast iron inserts. If need be, an insert can quickly be replaced with a spare, greatly reducing cost and downtime.


Over 95% of cast iron dust is recovered.

Our system recovers over 95% of the by-product created from machining cast iron. Less dust will get in your engine block and lubrication system.

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