Exhaust valve bodies

Our repair methods are supervised under strict controls, thus insuring an optimal and constant quality.

All parts are tested to determine the parameters of the work to be done on the welding and the thermal treatments before and after repairs.

We then cut open and remove the valve seat, thus often exposing unseen problems on partially or totally obstructed water cooling circuits inside the crown or intake openings.

These openings are then thoroughly cleaned and subsequently a new seat “Stellite covered” is welded to the valve body.

Analyses of the materials are conducted to insure a perfect compatibility with the newly reconstructed seat.

An attention to detail is quintessential and the wear sensible areas are metallised to prevent any erosion problems.

Thorough and dependable quality controls make sure you will have a valve body perfectly done back to the original specifications.

All our customers are provided with a complete and detailed report encompassing all actions done on their behalf at the end of the repair process.

Our actions are approved by LLOYDS REGISTER.